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I’m Shane. This is kind of a bio page of info about me, about who I am and the things I love. I have a wife, a beautiful wife and her name is Tracey.  And 2 children, Joshua and Alison. You’ll see a few pics of them below. I love pictures, it’s as simple as that. No, I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands and I actually picked up a digital SLR camera just after my son was born in 2007. However, I have always appreciated photos and old albums of my family, of trips I’ve been on with my Dad and the documentation of my children growing up.  I was actually thinking I should write up some info about me and thought I should grab a few old photos that mean something to me as well. The photo of me and my Dad was in my mind before I grabbed the old albums and then I ran across this one of my Mom. My Mom has since passed away so I had a combination of sadness and happiness to see these pics. I kind of think that’s the whole point of photography. I obviously don’t remember these being taken but they mean a lot to me.



This is my wife. She is stunning, loving, determined, understanding, smart, nurturing, tough and gorgeous, really gorgeous.


I met her when I was just 18 and she was 17, already in her second year of University at UVIC. I like to think I was a catch but I lived with my Dad, had 2 part time jobs that didn’t pay much, no license, and no car so I don’t know why she was interested. However, I was infatuated with her from the first time we went out with a group of friends when I commented on her blue airwalk shoes she was wearing. They were actually pretty ugly shoes but whatever I could say to get her to talk to me was how I was going to work this. We dated for about 4 years before we got married in 2002. We were broke, she was in school to be a teacher and I had started an electrical apprenticeship. And we made it…Did I say we were broke? We finally went on our real’ish honeymoon in 2006 about 4 years after we got married…to New Zealand! 5 months living in a van, cooking in a Van and being best friends! I loved it, I loved getting to spend that much time with her, I loved reading book after book on rainy nights, I loved the walks, and the talks. Here are a few pics…


And I loooooove surfing.

undefinedThat’s me on the left, standing up. I remember that day and the warm water(comparatively) and the waves…oh, the waves.


Once we got back home from out trip we wasted no time in getting our family growing. Our first, Joshua was born the following year. This is when I first picked up a camera. At first I was using the point and shoot digital camera we had and then purchased my first digital SLR. I don’t know what else to say about that other than the fact that kids make perfect photography subjects and I have about 20 000, yes, 20 000 photos of my family on vacations, Christmases, events and an album of my kids growing up that is incredible. I take photos almost every day. It drives Tracey crazy that my camera is on the counter or island, or desk but I really don’t like putting it away. Here’s a few to show you why…



The photo above, on the right…I can’t explain how much I love that photo. I hope that my son cherishes that photo of us the same way that I cherish the photo of me and my Dad at the top of the page. This is exactly why I take photos. Thanks for reading a bit about me and my life and I look forward to talking with you!


Shane, Tracey, Joshua & Alison




Niki Flynn - March 30, 2011 - 6:53 am

Shane, this is quite possibly the greatest ‘about me’ I have ever read! I absolutely love your photos of your family. I was on fm, read your post about Genesis and was so happy to see another Vancouver Island photographer! :) Crazy how small the world is… I may have even been in the teaching program at UVIC the same time as Tracey – she looks incredibly familiar! :)

Courtney Clarke - April 13, 2011 - 11:43 pm

Hey Shane, I fully agree with Niki! Best EVER! Such a touching way to share your family – the people at the heart of who you are! Awesome bio!

Leah Kennington - April 26, 2011 - 1:48 am

This is adorable! And I LOVE that picture of you and your son by the water. Beautiful.

Katrina - November 10, 2011 - 12:37 am


What a beautiful write up! I have tears in my eyes after reading it. Your family is beautiful and reading your personal words just makes me realize how lucky Tracey is to have you and vice versa! I’m happy to have you all in my life :) Keep up the amazing work you do. You have a talent like none other! I hope to have some of your work hanging in my house one day in the future!


Tamara Poppitt - February 24, 2012 - 6:04 am

Like the people before me said ‘best ever!’ about me page. Shane you are the real deal, it is such a pleasure to know you.

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