Leah & David

I just had my first wedding of the year on the weekend, and it felt good…really good. I missed it just a bit and it was great to be out taking photos again.

Dave and Leah, they have a crazy story to tell of perseverance and love and long distance and swing dancing and a solid shared faith. It was really fantastic hanging out with them and the time went so quickly. I was only with them for four hours but we had a ceremony, Beacon Drive-In burgers, Beacon Hill Park and some time at the ocean. The sun came out just in time for us to get some photos of them and their family and friends.

PS. Ask David about the bird incident =)

Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-2Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-3Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-4Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-6Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-7Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-8Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-9Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-11Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-12Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-13Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-14Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-15Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-20Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-21Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-23Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-24Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-25Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-26-1Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-26Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-27Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-29Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-30Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-31Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-34Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-35Vancouver Island Beach Wedding-DaveLeah_-36

Ann Granger - April 4, 2014 - 3:53 pm

Hi Shane,
These pictures are fantastic and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of them. I’m so glad that Leah and Dave had you for their photographer. You are fun to be around and that’s a real bonus for people like me who are a little “camera-shy” :) Great work!
Thank you so much,
Ann (Leah’s mom)

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