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hey! Rifflandia Day 2. This is a post from the epic concerts back in September. It’s been a long time since the concerts and I apologize for the delay in posting but I hope some of these pics bring back some good vibes from the shows. I had a wicked time, seriously awesome. I have to admit that on the second night I was pretty beat until I got there. The first venue I shot at was at the back of Philip’s Brewery downtown and they had a tent set up with an elevated stage which was dominated by MAAASIVE speakers. At first I have to admit I thought the venue wasn’t ideal but as things starting picking up, the beer was served and some awesome food was being had so the night turned out great. The crowd packed right in to see Liam Lux, Quoia, Pigeon Hole and Tommy Guerrero and by the end was full right to the back. Near the end of the concert at Phillip’s Brewery I raced over to the Alix Goolden Hall to see The Whitsundays and the Wooden Sky. When I was putting together my “wish list” of bands I wanted to see the Wooden Sky was wwway up there.

Here are some pics and links to some vids of these talented bands —->

This is Liam Lux, he spins records in the back of old decrepit vans. I don’t know anything about this guy but here are some pics!

This next band is awesome. I had done my research and this was another highlighted band. Quoia is a 5 person band located here on Vancouver Island. I just dig their music, cool vibe,  and it makes me think of sitting outside on a summer day listening to some GOOD live music while drinking some Pilsen.  I sometimes hear a bit of west coast, a bit of east coast and am not quite sure how to classify them. It must be the fiddle that makes me think of the East Coast. These guys are an upbeat band that definitely thrives on the audience getting into it. I really enjoyed Quoia and recommend checking out their music here —–> Free Download!

and one of their vids

Should’ve Known Better – Quoia from Daniel Pender on Vimeo.

I’m going to be honest about all of these bands you’ll see me posting on. In all honesty these 2 guys were awesome. I wasn’t expecting to like a couple of white guys rapping and freestyling but they were really really entertaining, in a good way. This group is called Pigeon Hole and consists of Colin McCue and Lee Napthine with some epic nicknames, Dusty and Marmalade. All I have to say is that the moustache is boss, unbelievable. They came out with some huuuge energy and it really brought the crowd in and got them throwing their hands in the air and waving them like….nevermind. They were great. These two guys hail from the group Sweatshop Union and have gained a lot of success as a duo. Their new album Age Like Astronauts has earned them a lot of acclaim. Check out their site here —>


and one of their vids

Pigeon Hole – “Bonfire” from Pigeon Hole on Vimeo.

The last group to perform was headlined by Tommy Guerrero. I had no idea who this guy was. Apparently he is a skateboarding phenom from San Francisco.  His skateboarding surfing style certainly carries the same feeling as the music he plays with a care free flow and and an incredibly smooooooth feel. I enjoyed his guitar playing as well as his band.  Here’s a vid of him from 1985 ripping it up going down some random street in San Francisco.

And here are some pics of his co-guitarist and Tommy

Tommy Guerrero was the last performer of the night so I had a chance to burn over to the Alix Goodlen Hall. I really didn’t know if I was going to make it but I got a parking spot and in the doors right before The Whitsundays started playing. I had really wanted to see these guys and mostly The Wooden Sky who performed after them. The Whitsundays are an interesting band with an interesting sound. It’s a dark, slow, vintage sound and I found that I would really have to be in the mood to sit and listen to a whole set. I was pretty tired so I found myself craving a bit more energy. While these guys probably aren’t a band I would give anything to see I think it would be awesome to find them in a small venue. All of this is just personal opinion so take it easy in the comments eh! Here is their myspace page —> and then some pics. Check out their song “Falling Over”

This next band is awesome. This is The Wooden Sky. Exactly one year ago I was doing a bit of a reno on my house with my longest and best friend Josiah. He came and knocked down walls, built walls, tried framing doors and ate all of my son’s puddings. Anyways, while were were making a mess he kept changing my music and getting on myspace. I don’t always listen to similar music so a few of the bands he put on were odd but then he put on The Wooden Sky, and then The Wooden Sky and again. When I made my must see list and told him I was going to see them and take some pics I’m sure he had a moment where he thought I told you so. I cannot wait to see this group again. I loved it. The same buddy of mine just moved for a year over to London and got to see them, I wish I was there… These guys are goooood and are a Canadian band from Toronto who are now globetrotting sharing their music.I’m not going to do much more writing so I’ll let a video and some pics end it for tonight. Here is an actual video of them performing at Rifflandia 3 here in Victoria.

The Wooden Sky at Rifflandia 3 from duncan gidney on Vimeo.

And some pics to go with the music…

Find more music and links to upcoming shows on their myspace page here —–> go there ——> it’s really good ——-> and one more video to really end this blog post. One more night of Rifflandia coming up in a few weeks…

THE WOODEN SKY – An Evening Hymn from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

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