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Hello! This is my last solo wedding post of the season. It was an amazing year full of weddings with each and every one of them quite different from the previous. People often ask me if I get tired of weddings and I can honestly say that all weddings are amazing and made special in their own ways and I love them. This wedding was no exception. I got to spend the morning with Brittany as she got ready. The house was full and had some family getting ready while enjoying some breakfast desserts. It was such a casual morning made quite simple by Brittany having her hair done at the house as well as her makeup. There is a photo below the I adore, her Grandpa. You’ll see it.

We were fortunate enough after the wedding to have a short reprieve from the rain during our session but then it hit us pretty good with some wind when it came back.  Some of our friends have a gorgeous property near Elk Lake and were kind enough to allow us to come do some photos around their yard. Thank you so much!!! After our time at the house we raced over to Elk Lake to get a few photos before we went to the reception. I LOVED the reception. I’m not sure of the details on how they scored such a great venue but I think it was the house of a friend of the family. They had it catered and decorated gorgeously as you walked in with strings and strings of photos of both Zach and Brittany growing up. I really liked the intimate feel of their dinner and it was a different take on the normal venue choice.

I actually work with Zach so I was a bit nervous shooting their wedding and I’m hoping they love these pics! Here is my take on what their day felt like…

Brittany’s family has a tradition of placing these gorgeous yellow flowers in her hair. They are called elatior begonias.

Colorful shoes!

Thanks for having me photograph your wedding day Zach and Brittany!

Cynthia - November 24, 2010 - 10:54 pm

I LOVE these pictures! Amazing work! I think the Grooms look when he saw his Bride was Priceless! I teared up when I saw that! That is a great photo when it makes you cry too! Am I right? Great Job Shane!!!

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