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Ok, WARNING! There are a ton of photos here from probably the most colorful and amazing weddings I had this summer. I hope everyone enjoys the images that truly capture this day.

Every wedding is unique and every bride puts her touch on her wedding but this one stands out. Julian’s Grandfather was a major contributor(if not the “man”) that donated tons of old forestry equipment to the Forestry Museum located in Duncan. Logging is definitely in his family as I witnessed when I spent a bit of time with him while he was getting ready in front of stacks of logs right outside his house. I honestly don’t even know where to begin when I talk about this wedding. There were so many fantastic points that I won’t forget for a long, long time.

The girls got ready at EK hair in Duncan which is actually located above Cara’s family’s cafe, the Duncan Garage Cafe and Bakery which serves the most amazing organic food. The treats the girls brought in while they were getting their hair done were amazing…The studio, EK Hair Design had lighting out of a photographer’s dream. I couldn’t believe it as I took photo after photo with the most stunning light. It isn’t often that the lighting in a hair salon is this perfect.

I love these photos below, amazing window light!

I asked Julian to step outside and get dressed. A little more untraditional but it seemed so fitting considering his family business.

I LOOOOVE this photo below. It is so classic looking. It will be a photo that will remain beautiful forever.

Rolling on in, in style…

I never post family pics. Quite often they look the same but this one below is anything but. Her Grandfather, a cute moment…

The girls have some sass!

These guys below knew exactly what I meant. Let’s get some attitude, rad!

Julian’s male kin have a tradition. I was wondering why a bunch of them were wearing Hawaiian shirts and here is the story. As each man in the family gets hitched there is an initiation ceremony in which the male is stripped of his jacket and vest and ceremoniously draped with his own unique Hawaiian shirt which he must wear to all weddings from there on in. Awesome!

I thought the night was over. Was I ever wrong. The dancing was going strong and out of nowhere a hot dog stand pops up after 10pm. Seriously, this is for real. The dinner was amazing, dessert was delicious but the hot dogs were the real treat.

I saw this guitar as the girls were getting their hair done.  It seemed so fitting as an end to my story telling of their wedding. Congrats Julian and Cara and thank you so much for choosing me to share your day and all its intimacy.  You both are awesome and I know you don’t need much luck, the love is there…

Links –

Ek Hair Design & Salon

BC Forestry Museum

Duncan Garage Cafe & Bakery

Khrystie Phoenix - December 6, 2010 - 7:37 pm

What fabulous photos. Cara, you look gorgeous, and the photos are amazing of you and Julian and the ceremony. Congratulations on this beautiful beginning of your marriage.

Many blessings, Khrystie

Lisa - August 14, 2011 - 8:45 pm

Wow….Gorgeous photos, Shane. It makes me want to get married all over again, just so you can take our photos! Stunning.

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