I had to! One more photo

I was editing some more photos from Julian & Cara’s wedding tonight from back in August and am nearing the end. I can’t wait to share the entire gallery with them but thought I’d post just one more photo before the BIG blog post. It’s going to be huuuuge. This is a “Brenzier” type panorama. If you’ve shot with me before you know the effect. It’s about 30 images stitched into one massive photo in which I ask the couples to stay as still as possible. It really is massive, it’s so massive it exceeded the file limit(around 2 gb) set on my computer for this type of image file. It may be hard for some to understand how sharp this actual photo is. On my computer I can count eyelashes when zoomed in, it’s incredible.

Julian & Cara

Photo info // Nikon D700 shot at f/1.6, 1/400, iso 200 / composite of 33 photos

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