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Well, here is a much due BLOG update! I shot Sarah and Jordan’s wedding on June 26, a day after my big 3-0 birthday. Sarah is sneaky! On the 25th Sarah & Jordan had their dress rehersal and dinner which I had planned on attending as I usually do but there was a twist. After work on the Friday I had come home to get ready, get my nice clothes on and was just editing some photos from a previous wedding when I got a phone call from Sarah. It had turned out that her “Aunt” couldn’t make it to the rehersal dinner at Macaroni Grill and she wanted to know if Tracey could make it instead of wasting a plate. I asked Tracey, my wife, and offered suggestions to get the kids a babysitter, which she did and she got all done up to join us. We arrived at Mac Grill and gave the kids to the in-laws and went in for a nice dinner before the rehersal. Immediately I knew where to go for the big party, all you can eat dinner in the back and went to see Sarah and Jordan. I walked over, gave Sarah a hug and then Tracey tells me the real party is over there….where she had planned an awesome get together with some friends, with excellent food and drinks. I understand now that it was all a ploy and it had been planned for quite some time with the assistance of Sarah. Sneaky sneaky! Thanks Tracey & Sarah!

Now, onto the wedding. Sarah & Jordan are smitten with each other. It is very easy to take pics of a couple that is in love and so easy going. We had a beautiful day from getting ready at the salon to some wedding photos at Glen Meadows Golf Course 12 hours later. I had a relaxed morning with the girls getting ready at Sarah’s parent’s house and these are probably #2 on my favorites list of photographing the wedding day. Here are some getting ready photos…

I had a few minutes to drive through Mt Doug Park to see Jordan getting all spiffed up. Cool colors make weddings!

Then back to Sarah’s

The shot below is a brenzier method photo for all of the photo nerds checking this out. Love the effect!

This photo below is without a doubt my favorite from the day. I love it and it needs to be in a frame!

Sarah and her Dads. I’m not going to deny the fact that the speeches from her fathers were amazing and I teared, seriously. It was pretty special to see the love and pride in Sarah that both men shared and it made me think of how I may feel when one day my daughter gets married. There were some very special moments.

The finale…

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