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Well, here is a long due blog post. The wedding season is around the corner and yesterday was a warm up. I shot a wedding as a second shooter with a good friend of mine, Jon-Mark Wiltshire, and then I raced to this concert. I feel extremely lucky to be able to take photos, seriously. I somehow managed to get a media pass to the Xavier Rudd show after contacting his management team in Vancouver. It is awesome to be able to take photos and listen to rad music.

Xavier had Dustin Bentall open for him and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. He is a musician from Vancouver and is of some musical lineage. His father is Barney Bentall of classic rock fame and if you were living through the 80’s you know some of his songs. Dustin certainly has his only style and his harmonica playing is unreal. There were a couple of songs that I know I’m going to be listening to a lot over the next couple weeks. I’ve got the video “Crash Hard” playing right now and it’s a mellow song and perfect for my editing photo music. Definitely check this guy out and support some local music.

Here’s Dustin’s link —->  Dustin’s homepage and here is the link to his video, Crash Hard

I first heard Xavier Rudd last year in Vancouver. I hadn’t ever heard of him let alone hearing his music but have been hooked since I saw him live. He’s a musician from Australia that travels with his band, Tio on bass and Andile on drums.  It’s an unbelievable show with Xavier and his “South African Rhythm” section and I believe that if you saw these guys live you’d be blown away, literally. The music is loud, the bass will make your hair move and it is impossible not to bounce or dance without restraint.

Here are some photos from last night’s concert. Hope you dig ’em. Feel free to leave comments, and definitely check out Xavier here —–> Xavier’s homepage and my favorite song right now, Better People. It’s an acoustic live version and the guitar? he’s playing I think was made by a local. During the concert he lifted up his guitar and said that he had picked it up here or in Vancouver about 8 years ago and had just picked up two more to take home. Anyways here are some photos of the guys. Thanks for visiting.

Jon-Mark - June 11, 2010 - 9:51 pm

Nice set dude! You should be doing more concert work!

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