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Spring is coming, the weather is getting better and the days are longer. I love this part of year for taking photos. The light is gorgeous and everything is about to come to life. Today me and my son Joshua went for a father-son afternoon down at Fort Rodd Hill. If you haven’t ever been there it’s an old Fort that was built to protect the Strait of Juan De Fuca leading into Esquimalt Harbor. The panorama is pretty spectacular and it is obvious why the Canadian Armed Forces choose to make a stand there from the late 1800’s to the mid 20th century.

Now it is a park that is perfect for a family to have a nice sunny afternoon picnic or just for a nice walk with one of the most unobstructed views of the Strait. There is an entrance fee of about 4 bucks for adults but kids under 5 are free and there is no charge for parking. Josh and I took off this afternoon and checked it all out. It has been near 20 years since I was there last with my father so it feels a little odd to be taking my son there.  The time goes so fast and afternoons like this are pretty special. I rarely leave the house without my camera and at least one lens. I decided to bring my 85mm 1.4 for the afternoon and get some pics of my little boy.

Saturday morning Cartoons…

I love that he likes to bring our old point and shoot camera now. It’s kind of interesting to see photos with their view. Maybe not always in focus though…

This gun that Josh is sitting on is an anti aircraft gun. I think it was capable of around 20 rounds per minute but its range was 30 000 feet.

This is one of the mounts for one of the massive cannons that would have faced the Strait.

I got Josh this Cowichan vest for Christmas. Any time I can get it on him I do. I had one when I was a kid and I absolutely love them. Must be the minute bit of native in me.

There is a square on the way down to the lighthouse that has rooms that are still accessible and are decorated with artifacts from when this was a functioning base.

Josh was far more interested in picking up, kicking and throwing rocks…

The end of an awesome day with my boy…

For more info on Fort Rodd Hill check out their website here


Dave - April 3, 2010 - 5:34 am

Reminds me of Fort Ebey….Whidbey Island….would go chill waiting for the ferry enroute to La Push. Great depth of field! Thanks for sharing.

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